The story of the day was…

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The story of the day was…

InvestED: Ep. 56- How to Be Mindful With Your Money

What does it mean to invest with your values?


This week we discuss why it’s important to have control over your money and a say in what it is invested in. Those of you investing in indexes and mutual funds might be shocked to see what your money is being put into.




In Episode 56 You’ll Learn:

    1. What it really means to hand your money’s voting power over to someone else and why you shouldn’t do it.
    1. Why most people choose to invest in indexes and mutual funds, rather than in companies they choose.
    1. The truth behind broadly defined indexes.
    1. Why “value” investing is more than just measuring the monetary value of a company.
    1. The various ethical aspects of a company that you really should consider before deciding to invest.
    1. Who is actually responsible for unethical practices of major companies, and what you can do to change it.

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About Phil & Danielle – Phil Town is an investment advisor, hedge fund manager, two-time NY Times best-selling author, ex-Grand Canyon river guide, and a former Lieutenant in the US Army Special Forces. Danielle Town is an attorney specializing in emerging corporation law. She has her Master of Laws Degree from the University of Colorado, her J.D. from NYU, and her M.A. from Oxford. Danielle plays the counter balance to Phil in this father-daughter duo podcast. Danielle asks all of the questions that everyone wants to ask about investing.


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InvestED: Ep. 56- How to Be Mindful With Your Money